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5 Tips For A Successful Instagram Live Broadcast For Businesses

5 Tips For A Successful Instagram Live Broadcast For Businesses

5 Tips For A Successful Instagram Live Broadcast For Businesses

Instagram Live is an increasingly popular tool for connecting businesses with audiences in real time. Not only does it allow your followers to see a less filtered and more natural side to you and your business, but it also provides them with a valuable opportunity to ask you questions in real time and really engage with your business. Here are top 5 tips to help businesses plan and deliver a successful and engaging Instagram Live broadcast.

1. Plan Your Instagram Live Broadcast

The most effective Instagram Live videos are ones which have been carefully planned and which have a clear focus and purpose. Take some time to plan your live stream and consider what you want to achieve with it. If you want to share links, slides or images with your audience during your live stream, make sure that you have these prepared in advance so they’re ready to go. As with any live stream, it may not go perfectly to plan, but the more preparation you put into your video, the more likely it is your live stream will go smoothly.
The most successful IG Live videos run for at least 10 minutes as this gives more people the chance to pop in and watch your video. The maximum length of time for a single live stream is one hour, so plan your content carefully to offer your audience the most valuable experience.

2. Practice And Get Familiar With The Features Available

Rehearse your video content and make sure that you’re familiar and comfortable with all the different components of IG Live before you start your broadcast. If you need to, consider setting up a practice account to help you get more confident with the various features available. Make sure that you check your audio and lighting settings as well. If you’re going to be far away from your phone, consider investing in a wireless microphone.
“It’s important to ensure that you have a secure and stable internet connection before starting your live stream,” says Martha Danford, a marketing blogger at Paper Fellows and Boomessays. “Using a simple phone tripod can also help to reduce shaking and improve the viewing experience. Make sure that you phone is fully charged and set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ to avoid unnecessary interruptions during your video.”

3. Promote Your Instagram Live Broadcast

Make sure that you inform your followers of your live stream at least one week in advance to help maximize the number of viewers. Spend some time promoting your live stream through your IG Stories and posts in the run up to the live stream.
“Adding a countdown clock to your Stories is also a good strategy, allowing your followers to choose to receive a reminder when your live stream is about to start. Alternatively, consider offering incentives, such as giving a limited number of discount codes to people who message you within a fixed time limit,” suggests Terry Kirk, a business writer at Essay Roo and State of writing.

4. Respond To Comments

One of the best features of Instagram Live is that you can interact with followers in real time. Make sure that you factor in some time to respond to comments intermittently throughout your live video or at the end. You can also moderate and filter comments in your profile settings before you start, enabling you to block comments from specific people or hide offensive comments.

5. Save And Repurpose The Broadcast

Your video will stay on your Instagram Story for 24 hours automatically after you finish your live stream. However, you can also choose to share it to IGTV, allowing you to keep it on your Instagram profile so followers can watch the replay in future. Alternatively, you can also download the video and repurpose it, sharing it on other platforms, including other social media channels, newsletters or on your website. This will enable you to reach wider audiences and increase your brand visibility.


Instagram Live offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to connect to their audiences in a more engaging way. In order to deliver a successful Instagram Live video, take time to prepare and plan your content and engage with comments and questions that arise. Promote your live stream and make sure that you repurpose the finished video to connect with even more people.
Elizabeth Hines is an experienced digital marketer and content writer at UK Writings and Academized. She regularly writes articles about the latest tech and marketing trends, innovations and strategies. Elizabeth also writes for Essay writer, as well as a range of other online magazines and blogs and enjoys sharing tips with her readers on how to improve and develop their online marketing strategies. When not writing, Elizabeth enjoys attending conferences and traveling.

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